by Trashcan Phoenix

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released August 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Trashcan Phoenix London, UK

Good morning. Good night. My name is Martin Bowman and I hope my music brings you happiness. Enjoy the show.

The aim? To emulate the mood of people like Portishead, Tom Waits, Suede, David Lynch, Can, Radiohead, Massive Attack, Scott Walker and Tindersticks. The method? Haphazard. The skill? Minimal. The result? Uncertain.

All made using Reason Essentials on a laptop with virtual instruments
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Track Name: Parlour Games
Come into the parlour, said the spider to the fly

He curled into the moonlight
The archway of his spine
Was a tangled coliseum
An attack on the sublime

She tied him to the blanket
Chewed the feathers out
He looked a bit like Icarus
As he began to shout

She was one of the most beautiful things we'd ever seen
She walked up to the front of the cafe, and paused
We could see her breath cloud the glass
The night allowed us that

And we'll implore and we'll adore you
Just won't you play par, play par-, play par-lour games?
Oh won't you play par-, play parlour games?

Pinecones on her collarbone
She was deciduous tonight
On a leaf of dog-eared lust
She extinguished every light
Track Name: U Turn
Bake me in a tray
Dust me down with flour
Break me against a camel's back
And caution me the hours

Elephant child we wanted
Too much much too soon, my love

Scrape around for hours
With carbunkles on your knees
And stay with me forever
At the bottom of the sea

Sea horses
All around me
Track Name: The Excuse
The masons are divining structures
The surveyers surveying the scene
The draftsmen are all in a tangle
But the archetect has a dream

He's plotting a course
From my dubious source
To the heavens of a fireworks display
And the truth is cut loose
As they build my excuse
Till their civilization's made out of hay

Is this the way to fade out?
Is this the way to fade out?

As the flecks of my love's alter ego
Cascade through the cracks in the floor
On the collarbone of the sunlight
That we'd never noticed before

Like moondust on ice
It was ever so nice
To dance with an unlived desire
And the eddies of dust will swirl up with our lust
But if we stop then the fragements will fall

My excuse was an innocent burden
That I whispered into the night
Till a carrier pigeon stole it
And it set the whole town alight

It imprisoned me there
In the heat of the stare
And I dance to my virtuous tune
So my dream logic act
Continues the pact
To fig leaf my alchemical dodge with the moon